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Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts, or IPLs, are lifts that carry a wheelchair user over an existing staircase on a level platform. The platform folds up when the inclined lift is not in use, so the stairs are open and passable.

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Inclined Platform Lifts

When a StairLift is not quite the right solution, an inclined platform lift can be just the thing to carry someone in a wheelchair or scooter up the stairs. Inclined platform lifts are the perfect transportation for wheelchair users who do not want to transfer to the chair of the StairLift to go up a flight of stairs.

Inclined platform lifts can carry the patient in a wheelchair up some stairs on a track installed along the stairs. They are the ideal solution where a vertical platform or home elevator is not practical or cannot easily fit.

With an inclined platform lift, the patient can wheel themselves on the device affording them even more independence. There is no need for a home health aide or family member to assist them in getting in and out of the StairLift chair. Moreover, those who use scooters, walkers, and canes may find this type of a lift more convenient to use.

Curve Incline

Customized to You

About Inclined Platform Lifts

Once again, since all our mobility solutions are custom tailored to each client and home, there are situations where the lift needs to be on an incline. The surroundings determine whether an incline lift is warranted or a vertical platform lift is appropriate.

Lifts can also be part of a series of other mobility products such as a StairLift for a custom solution perfectly tailored to you. For those who require it, we can fit these lifts with a ShabbosLift™ option so they can use the lift 7 days a week.

Serving Families in New York City and New Jersey

Expert Team and Installation

We are an expert team of designers and installers with years of experience outfitting mobility solutions for the elderly. We know exactly the amount of space necessary for each lift. We also assess the proper lift for the user’s physical requirements and weight. Since they are custom ordered, platform lift installations can be done within 2-3 weeks.

Reliable and Trusted

Our wheelchair platform lifts are affordable and reliable and they can be installed inside and outside. In fact, outdoor platform lifts can be very convenient for a few steps up to the porch leading to the entrance of a house or inside a house where there is less than a flight of stairs.

Our lifts provide a safe, smooth, and quiet ride. We provide a warranty on parts and labor and customer service outside of business hours so you are never left without support. We take emergency calls because we know how vital our products are to the well-being of our customers.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Dear Gavriel, I want to thank you so much for installing the … Stairlift in my home. You have made my life so much easier since the installation of the chairlift. Your personal attention that you gave to me in my situation was outstanding under the difficult space constraints that you were working under. Your knowledge in engineering really facilitated matters which enabled the installation.Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

W. Z. Brooklyn, NY

Stairlift gave us a new life… It was a real lifesaver. A truly blessed thing. There is nothing better.

C. S. Brooklyn, NY

Dear Gavriel,   I am so gratified that I purchased and installed the … stair lifts on the two staircases in my Kew Gardens Hills home before I became completely dependent on them. They have made life much more livable for me and probably have prolonged my life in a more healthful manner.  Good work, much continued luck and all the best,

C. F. Queens, NY

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