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Maintenance & Repair Services

Helping with your Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Needs

Service & Support After the Sale

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance of our products such as our StairLifts, patient lifts, and wheelchair ramps is hassle free to you. Because we stand behind our superior quality, we only service our own lifts. They are solidly constructed to withstand normal everyday use. Our StairLifts are designed to give your many years of trouble-free service.

Your peace of mind is just as important a product as any other we sell.

Do not hesitate to call us should you feel concerned in any way. Our knowledgeable and responsive service department is on call for you. If you ever notice any irregularity, be sure to call us. We will make sure all parts are properly secured and braced. Our number 1 priority is your safety.

We have earned a stellar reputation in the industry for excellent products and reliable service.

EZ Lift Mobility has been in business for more than a decade and has built its customer base on word-of-mouth referrals from highly satisfied clients. We have earned a sterling reputation for quality, caring, and professionalism.

We take emergency calls.

We know what it is like to feel helpless and vulnerable without the mobility aids you rely on. When you call, we do our utmost to guide you through any glitch or problem that may arise so that you may resume your normal routine as quickly as possible.

EZ Lift Mobility is a One Stop Shop

We are there for you through each stage of procuring your mobility product.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Dear Gavriel, I want to thank you so much for installing the … Stairlift in my home. You have made my life so much easier since the installation of the chairlift. Your personal attention that you gave to me in my situation was outstanding under the difficult space constraints that you were working under. Your knowledge in engineering really facilitated matters which enabled the installation.Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

W. Z. Brooklyn, NY

Stairlift gave us a new life… It was a real lifesaver. A truly blessed thing. There is nothing better.

C. S. Brooklyn, NY

Dear Gavriel,   I am so gratified that I purchased and installed the … stair lifts on the two staircases in my Kew Gardens Hills home before I became completely dependent on them. They have made life much more livable for me and probably have prolonged my life in a more healthful manner.  Good work, much continued luck and all the best,

C. F. Queens, NY

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Our #1 goal is to help you stay in your home and age-in-place safely.

We would be happy to discuss your unique mobility equipment needs. For all your questions, call our home elevator experts at (646) 543-8811 to discuss which lift is the best solution for you and your home.