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Shabbos Mode StairLifts

Regain the freedom in your home – Shabbos Included!

Why compromise your lifestyle and safety just because going up and down the stairs has become more difficult? We can help!

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Custom Shabbos Mode Stairlifts

We make stairs easy. Shabbos Included.

We will make your home accessible again with the lift that is right for you, outfitted with our optional exclusive ShabbosLift™ system so you and your family get back to enjoying the full use of the home you LOVE, including Shabbos and Yomtov.


Serving Families in New York City and New Jersey

Your Trusted Source for Shabbos Mobility Solutions

At EZ Lift Mobility , we deeply understand the unique needs of the Orthodox Jewish community, honoring the sanctity of Shabbos while recognizing the necessity for mobility and independence. Our stairlifts, vertical and incline lifts, and wheelchair ramps are designed with Shabbos in mind, providing seamless and halachic-compliant solutions for the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Our products are engineered to accommodate a Shabbos switch which enables you to adhere to the halachic prohibitions against operating electrical devices on the sabbath. This Shabbos mode ensures you always have the ability to navigate your home so that everyone can celebrate both Shabbos and Yom Tov with dignity and ease. Thankfully, each of your family members can enjoy these times without compromising on religious observance. From thoughtful consultation to expert installation, EZ Lift Mobility is committed to uplifting your spirit while enhancing mobility in your sacred space.

Mobility on Shabbos?

Mobility Challenged Rediscover the Joy of Shabbos

Make your multilevel home fully accessible with a Shabbos enabled stair lift. Available for both indoor and outdoor applications that can be custom fit to the unique style and path of your staircase. With our Shabbos Mode Stairlift system, you can be assured that you will be able to use this assistive device as needed, even on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

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