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Straight StairLifts

Straight StairLifts are designed for a single flight of stairs that run in a straight line without any interruptions such as landings, turns, or bends. They can be of any length from a few steps to a whole flight. They are perfect for home use when the disabled or elderly are in need of some extra help.


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Straight stairlifts

A simple solution for linear staircases

Are you finding it difficult to go up and down stairs in your own home? Most people take going up and down stairs whenever they like for granted. Though it may seem like a small thing to some, it can be a real hurdle to the elderly and handicapped.

It’s also a big part of aging in place where seniors can remain in their homes safely and maintain their independence. EZ Lift Mobility is fully aware that losing your independence in your own space can be very frightening. However, there are significant things you can do to make your cherished home more suited to you at this time.

A StairLift literally glides along the steps of your staircase and lifts you via a seat to the floor above or below. They can raise you anywhere from a few steps to a whole flight. You can either step into the StairLift yourself or have an aide or loved one help you into it. Then, a simple press of a button transports you to where you need to go. 


Straight stairlifts

Minimal Intrusion to Your Home

How a Straight Stair Lift Can Help Your Home

Our affordable and reliable chairlifts for the elderly are fitted to the stairs — not the wall, so structural changes need to be made to your home. The StairLift also folds away neatly so that everyone in the home can use the stairs comfortably when the chairlift is not in use. Our StairLifts also take into account your personal comfort and body type.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service because we know how vital our products are to the well-being of our customers.

Serving Families in New York City and New Jersey

Expert Team and Installation

We are an expert team of designers and installers with years of experience outfitting mobility solutions for the elderly. We know exactly the amount of space necessary for each StairLift. We often install them within a day so you can enjoy your stair glide as soon as possible.

StairLift Installation & Removal

EZ Lift Mobility services their StairLifts and they can remove your StairLift when it is no longer needed. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Dear Gavriel, I want to thank you so much for installing the … Stairlift in my home. You have made my life so much easier since the installation of the chairlift. Your personal attention that you gave to me in my situation was outstanding under the difficult space constraints that you were working under. Your knowledge in engineering really facilitated matters which enabled the installation.Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

W. Z. Brooklyn, NY

Stairlift gave us a new life… It was a real lifesaver. A truly blessed thing. There is nothing better.

C. S. Brooklyn, NY

Dear Gavriel,   I am so gratified that I purchased and installed the … stair lifts on the two staircases in my Kew Gardens Hills home before I became completely dependent on them. They have made life much more livable for me and probably have prolonged my life in a more healthful manner.  Good work, much continued luck and all the best,

C. F. Queens, NY

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